IndividualHey, it’s me, Grace Leuenberger!

I’m an aunt, a sister, a creative, and a person who loves to laugh and make others laugh. As a child, I was obsessed with manatees, had a gerbil named after Al Gore’s wife, and was taller than all of the kids in my class. As an adult, I am obsessed with donuts, I have a golden retriever named after a Thomas Hardy novel, and I am still tall but no, I still do not play basketball or volleyball or any other sport that height-advantaged humans play.

I created this blog because I love stories. I love to listen to them, to tell them, to see them play out in front of me. This blog is a collection of thoughts that tell a little bit more about my story.

I care about people, my family, creativity, taking risks, and trying new things. This is where I talk about those things. Look around, get to know me, and share with a friend if something strikes your heart. Thanks for stopping by and for reading my stories.


The Cool Aunt


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