Last month, I wrote about the relaunch of Dreams Go Live and my desire to create a platform where we would be able to go beyond the lens, off the stage, and away from Instagram and dive deep into the stories of artists, creatives, and makers. In doing this, I hoped it would allow for opportunities to champion creativity, community, connection, and ignite inspiration for those pursuing their own dreams.

Last week, I released the very first profile pieces on “Dreams Go Live 2.0” featuring my new friend Connor Dwyer, a photographer and designer who I first stumbled upon through his Instagram. This piece was one of my most favorite things I’ve written, and the process of getting to know Connor and his story was truly life changing. I truly couldn’t have had a better person to kick off this endeavor, as Connor embodies the values Dreams Go Live stands for, and was totally on board with my ideas and mission!

You can read Connor’s profile piece here.

The afternoon I was set to interview Connor (part of the process of creating a profile piece) came after an intense day at work, and I was unsure of how much energy I could bring to the conversation. Then I picked up the phone and called Connor…2 hours later, I had the notes I needed but more than that I had a new sense of inspiration, creative excitement, and something else I couldn’t quite find the word for. During the writing process I realized that last element was ‘joie de vivre,’ a phrase the French use to describe somehow who has a special zest for life. While creative talent is rare, a consistent joy for life and people is even rarer.

Connor has an abundance of both qualities.

I got to hang out with Connor when I was last in Nashville, and I left so inspire his faith and sense of adventure, his joie de vivre.

My two favorite lines in the piece are these:

“In an age where cynicism is in style, Dwyer remains unconcerned with being cool…

“In a day where apathy is accepted and empathy is scarce, I think we all could live a little more like Connor Dwyer.”

This is so true!

I can’t thank Connor enough for sharing his time with me, offering his story, and for encouraging me in the mission & vision behind Dreams Go Live. He has incredible talent, but also truly embodies the idea that a small spark is all it takes to ignite a big idea, kickstart a life-changing moment, or inspire another in their journey. If no one reads or cares about Dreams Go Live, it would still be worth it because of the people I’ve already been honored to meet and be changed by. As the month of July begins and I set my eyes on the next profile piece, I am thankful for the opportunity I’ve had so far to meet those who shine their light so well and get the chance to do the same in my own small ways.

Here’s to sparks, to crying at the sky, to throwing hope around like confetti, and making new friends. Celebrate-25

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Posted by:Grace Leuenberger

"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

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