So I have this thing that happens to me when I get stressed out. The only times this characteristic makes is presence known is when I am feeling rather nervous about something. It is…….THE EYE TWITCH. And it looks like this:

Some people get a sinking feeling in their stomach, butterflies in their chest…and I end up with the spastic eye twitch. WIN. However, I have come to appreciate the eye twitch for its wise ways. The eye twitch is a like a manifestation of my conscience, which was overwhelmed, sort of like this guy below:

Once I identified the problem and found a solution, my stress disappeared, and so did my weird, freakish eye twitch! Here’s a texting conversation I had with my mom about my recent stress and presence of my eye twitch:

Mom: I’m glad that’s worked out for you now!
Me: Yeah maybe my stress-induced eye twitch will go away now.
Mom: Yes!
Me: The eye twitch warned me of future stress. The eye twitch knew my destiny.
Mom: You must listen to the eye twitch!

FRIENDS. You must listen to the eye twitchI should have known the moment that my eye twitched that I was being told to abort the mission, jump ship, run far far away. Stress and storms were coming, and the eye twitch truly knew my stormy destiny.

So, today I want to take a moment to thank my body for being weird: Thanks eye twitch–for watching out for me! 


Posted by:Grace Leuenberger

"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

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