Last night, I went to a weekly Bible study with some very polite, kind, and calm ladies from my church. The time we share together is always nice, but sometimes I find that my personality is the largest out of all the woman, but up until this point, I have been able to keep myself in check, focused, and under control.

That was until last night.

Last night, there we are sitting, chatting, having a great discussion when I hear a buzz word: “HEART ATTACK.” Immediately, my mind begins to reel and all I think about it a particular clip from one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation. Naturally, I think of an episode where two of the characters decide to jump out and surprise their co-worker when he comes out of the bathroom. They do surprise him, much to their chagrin, but in his shock, the character begins to clutch his chest, and then it begins: THE FART ATTACK.  Watch the clip by clicking here.

As you can surmise, the character lets out many loud flatulations, resulting in a comedic moment. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO REMEMBER DURING A QUIET, CONTEMPLATIVE BIBLE STUDY.

Like any young lady striving to be a polite, mature, and controlled individual, I looked down, argued with myself in my mind, bit my hand, and thus regained control.

It was a big moment for me– an indication that I may be on the path to adulthood. I almost had a laugh attack, but controlled myself. I am proud to say: I survived the 2014 Memory of the Fart Attack of 2012…but I will never let it leave my memory because I’m the Cool Aunt, and cool aunts think fart attacks are funny.

Over and out- T.C.A.

Posted by:Grace Leuenberger

"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

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